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Placido Domingo´s Tales from the Opera

Amadeus Press 1995. 186 sidor 16x24cm, färgfoton, inb. Utgivarens beskrivning:

Plácido Domingo has been one of the gratest stars in the operatic firmament for over a quarter of a century, a man whose combination of vocal, dramatic and musical gifts is probably unmatched in the history of opera.

A massive public has learnt to revere his legendary portrayals, while millions all over the world know and love his art through television, film and an immense discography.

What the public does not see is the detailed preparation and concentrated hard work that lie behind these towering perfomances.
Now Daniel Snowman takes us inside the rehersalroom and shows us something of the humor, the pathos, the tensions and the sheer hard work as the clock ticks away and the first night approaches.
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