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An International History of the Recording Industry

Pekka Gronow, Ilpo Saunio.

Cassell 1998. 230 sidor 15x23cm, 18 s/v foton, omfattande bibliografi. Utgivarens beskrivning:

Hardly anything has influenced the development of music in the twentieth century more than the gramophone record. Most of the music we hear every day be it rock, country or classical originates on record.

This book explores the fascinating world of the record business, its technology, the music and the musicians from Edisons phonograph to the compact disc.

The great artists Caruso, Toscanini, Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley and their successors all achieved fame through the medium of records, and in turn have influenced the recording industry. But just as important are the record producers, those invisible figures who decide from behind the scenes how a record will sound.

The history of recording is also the history of record companies: the book follows the vicissitudes of the multinational giants, without neglecting the small pioneering labels which have brought valuable new talents to the fore.
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