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Beetle, The


The Chronicles of the People´s Car. Volume 2. 240 sidor 21x24cm, s/v foton, tabeller, tester, bibliografi, hft. Utgivarens beskrivning:

The Volkswagen Beetle represents a success story unmatched in manufacturing terms: during its fifty years of production over 20,000,000 cars were sold out of plants in twenty countries. The Beetle, however, is more than an industrial statistic.

Its appearance out of the ashes of defeated Germany initially under the aegis of Britain, the Occupying Powerheralded that countrys rehabilitation in the world, and gave a promise of freedom and independence to the individual.

In hindsight we can see that it also became a yardstick for the economic recovery of what is now one of Europes most successful states. In this book the talents of eight of Germanys foremost Volkswagen experts and journalists are brought together to tell the story of this remarkable car.

The Beetles history, however, is as much about the people involved as the machine itself, and in this volume can be found biographies of those such as Ferdinand Porsche and Heinrich Nordoff; the former providing the initial inspiration, the latter steering the fortunes of the VW concern for much of the Beetles life.

This book is the second of three titles, each of which looks at a different aspect ot the technical, social and popular history of the Beetle, and which, taken together, represent the definitive Chronicles of the People's Car.

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