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Versatile Tractors

Jarrod Pakosh

A Farm Boy´s Dream. Japonica Press 2003. 120 sidor 28x25cm, rikt ill. med färgfoton och s/v, inb. Utgivarens beskrivning:

Versatile was the first to mass-produce four-wheeldrive tractors and the first to develop the bi-directional tractor (pushing or pulling with equal power). The company has long been a leader on the global agricultural scene and Ford, New Holland and Fiat have all had ownership roles in Versatile.

Today this company thrives as Buhler Versatile Inc. and is recognized for its innovation and dependability. Lavishly illustrated with contemporary and archival photographs, as well as selections from company catalogs from decades past, this book is a must-have for any tractor or farm history buff.

This beautifully illustrated coffee table book details Versatile's history and inspires with the personal memoirs of its co-founder!

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