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Tramvai i trolleibus v Voronezh

V S Pashenko, R Fomin

Thorough history of the trams and trolleybuses of Voronezh in the Southwest of Russia. Metre gauge horse-drawn tram s operated 18911919, broad gauge electric trams from 1926. In 1941 there were 11 tram routes with 152 cars. When Germany in 1941 invaded the Soviet Union, the best cars were relocated east, and when the city fell on 7 July 1942 the system collapsed. Restoration started immediately after the liberation, and on 29 May 1943 service was resumed. The bridge across connecting the right and left banks was not reconstructed until 1954.

The first trolleybus route opened in 1960, partly replacing trams in the centre of the city. Traffic continued to develop until the mid-1970s. The economy was poor, partly because roughly half of the population had free passes. After the end of the Soviet era, decline set in. The system became increasingly unreliable, ill patronized, and the last tram ran on April 15, 2009.

The text of the book is in Russian, but for each of the seven main chapters there is an excellent summary in English. There follow chapters on the tram and trolleybus types with detailed lists, the depots and the 22 tram and 22 trolleybus routes. The book is illustrated with about 350 photographs (many in colour) and several route maps and track plans. 352 pages A4, cased.

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